7 Great Tips to Make Sports Viewing In Restaurant and Bars Super Enjoyable and Get More Customers

For many bars in the United States, the UK, and everywhere in the world, sports channels have proven to be a great asset. Most people come to bar to enjoy their favorite sports over a bottle of beer with their friends. If you are not optimizing the way your customers experiencing sports viewing in your bar, your business is definitely heading to an ugly crash landing.

For most businesses, sports viewing in the bars and restaurants present a unique challenge; one of the challenges is that there is no way to predict the customer’s favorite sports team. To solve this problem, you may need to have two or more television in a close proximity to one another in your tiny bar. This leads to another problem, which is the audio from both TVs overlapping leading to distractions and noise.

In this article, you will learn of a unique and innovative way to tackle this challenge. You will also learn other tips that will help you maximize viewers experience while in your bar or restaurant and help you to attract more customers and double your revenue. 

  1. Get a Super-Fast Internet

In recent years, we cannot do without the internet. We have all become so used to the internet that our life basically depends on it. This is the reason why hotels are using free Wi-Fi to attract more customers. You will also see free Wi-Fi in places such as the airport waiting lounge.

Your customers need to check updates on their Facebook, chat with their friends about the game, and even play fantasy sports on their smartphone. All these are not possible without an internet connection – Moreover, the faster the better. If you are using a Wi-Fi-based assistive device such as CloviFi device, it is important that you have a super-fast internet connection so there won’t be any interruption to the streaming of audio. 

  1. Prepare for Big Games

When you have sound on over the speakers during a big game, the sound may be reverberating off a thousand surfaces making it hard for viewers to understand a word of what is being said. In this case, you have two choices – either you install good acoustics so people can actually make out the announcer’s words or you get a CloviFi TV audio transmission device so your customers can listen at a personalized volume.

The difference between the two is that quality acoustics are expensive and there is no way to control the level of volume each customer will prefer, all your customers will have to listen at the same volume level. On the other hand, CloviFi device is less expensive and customers can listen at the volume most convenient to them. 

  1. Cover All-Big Games

In some cases, there will be one or two big games going on at the same time. This presents a serious challenge; you will either switch continuously between various channels or simply invest in more than one TV. This way, you can be able to cover at least two big games at the same time without losing your customers.

  1. Never Allow Customers Control the TV

Allowing customers to control the TV can be a major disaster. The customer with the remote control can change the channel at his convenience without caring about the general opinion thereby causing confusion and dissatisfaction. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, set the channel and ensure you have the remote control. 

  1. Post Games Schedule On Your Social Media/Website

Encourage sports viewing on your bar or restaurants by posting information about upcoming games on your Facebook page and website information. 

  1. Have Phone Charging Stations

Increasing customers’ sports viewing experience by installing multiple phone charging points in your bar or restaurant, this way, your customer won’t have to leave your property because of low battery. Moreover, the more he stays in your bar, the more drink he is likely to order. 

  1. Use CloviFi Device to Improve Game Experience

With multiple TVs in your restaurant or bar, customers will definitely struggle with the audio. A great way to improve the game experience is by using a CloviFi device. This TV audio transmission device allows customers to decide what they want to hear and at what volume level.

One CloviFi device for one TV and two devices for two television and so on. All your customers can connect to one CloviFi device without any problem using their own headphone. Your customers don’t need to invest in any device as far as they have their own headphones.

With CloviFi device, you can have a thousand televisions in a single room and people can watch their favorite channels without distractions.

This is a great way to improve customers experience in your bar or restaurant. CloviFi device is a state-of-the-art TV audio transmission system and comes at a great price. Check out the CloviFi device and how it works here.

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