Clovitek Helps Spread the Message Everywhere via Audio over Wi-Fi Solution for Houses of Worship/ Churches

Wireless Audio Technology Glossary of Terms

Clovitek Wi-Fi audio sound system for Churches may be used at any congregational space, conference rooms or any small to medium sized group gatherings to personalize the audio sound system according to the unique requirements of each of the participant.

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Wi-Fi audio streaming solution for Churches!

Have you ever thought that not everyone in a church or a house of worship may be blessed enough to hear to the same decibels of sound as you do?

Alternatively, have you ever thought of facilitating the church you go to or the house of worship with a technology that may help spread the message loud and clear to those who are away from the source of audio transmitter?

Clovitek wireless audio transmitter is here to make your houses of worship a supportive facility for all!

Clovitek Wi-Fi audio sound system for Churches may be used at any congregational space, conference rooms or any small to medium sized group gatherings to personalize the audio sound system according to the unique requirements of each of the participant.

Clovitek - A customizable social experience

Clovitek Wi Fi Audio Transmitter is a super simple solution to audio streaming that uses the Wi Fi connection you have and streams HD audio to the mobile devices. Backed by an app, customers can scan any channel and any screen in the bar and listen to it privately through earbuds or share it through speakers.

Connect Device

Connect CloviFi’s microUSB to a power source and connect CloviFi to a TV audio port.

Configure it

Connect CloviFi and your mobile device to your network via WiFi or Ethernet

Yay! Done.

Run free iOS or Android CloviFi mobile app. Connect your headphones and enjoy streaming!

Tech Specs

CloviFi is a small, rounded black box with a modern sleek design. It offers you multiple ways to connect to your audio sources through various inputs. Attach the CloviFi box to your TV or place it behind the TV on the same shelf/platform.
  • Wireless Network Connection: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
  • Wired Network Connection: Ethernet 100Mbit (RJ45)
  • Audio Digital Input2: S/PDIF coax. (RCA)
  • Audio Analog Input: (3.5 mm)
  • Sampling Rate Max: 48 kHz
  • ADC: 16 bit, stereo
  • Dynamic Range & SNR: 89 dB
  • Ports: One USB 2.0 HOST (Type A)
  • Indication: PWR and STATUS)
  • Optional: 5G Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11ac) or Bluetooth 4.x
  • Power Source: 5V DC (microUSB

How Clovitek helps?

Clovitek wireless sound solution for houses of worship can help parishioners and participants in several ways:

Addressing the needs of people with hearing aids:

Being considerate of the needs of people with hearing disabilities or those having language barriers in our community is one of our human responsibilities.

Eliminating language barrier through supporting translation services:

There might be many among us who wish to listen to the message in their own language but hiring a translator to help them understand the message would only prove to be a nuisance for others. Clovitek wifi audio transmitter can solve this problem effortlessly.

Resolve the listening issues in churches with poor acoustics:

Clovitek helps improve the listening ability of participants by providing each and every one of them a personalized audio over Wi-Fi transmission over their smartphones in spaces with poor acoustics. There is no need for extra infrastructure to utilize this technology.

Distance from the sound source does not matter:

In larger houses of worship, distance from the speakers may make the audio inaudible. Clovitek may help resolve this problem.

Avoid the unwanted noises:

Churches or any house of worship, there might be chattering teenagers, crying kids or any unwanted noises in the background that may disturb your focus while you are busy spreading or listening to the MESSAGE.

In app marketing ​

Run free iOS or Android CloviFi mobile app. Connect your headphones and enjoy streaming!​ Clovitek helps you build and keep your focus only on your prayers.

Why choose Clovitek?

Clovitek audio over Wi-Fi streaming receiver is

The Clovitek Wifi Audio Transmitter is a competitive solution with little cost.

Hassle free solution with no wires or

You do not need to buy a big system but only a compact device that can be used on all your monitors at the same time.

Bluetooth connectivity is also available

Clovitek is suitable for quiet zones in the sports bar as well where you may still listen to the TV

Scalable to a larger magnitude, as per your requirement.

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In fact, CloviFi will transmit whatever sound quality that your TV or audio is putting out. You will get crystal clear sound. CloviFi doesn’t yet support Dolby-quality sound, but that is being worked in by the CloviTek elves as you read this.

You can connect up to 56, but that will likely strain your Wi-Fi router. About 10 devices per CloviFi is the practical limit of the best performance and reliability.

CloviFi connects to your mobile device through a free app that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. You will receive instructions with your device.

You can download a complete installation guide from here. You can also find the installation details on “How it Works” page.

Right now is the best time to order CloviFi from our order page.  Currently we are selling the devices in the U.S. market and are planning to expand to other markets. You can sign-up to our newsletter to be notified when the devices are going to become available in your country. 

Both, actually. The device defaults to Wi-Fi for several reasons: Wi-Fi allows of multiple users at once; it’s more powerful at a distance; and it’s harder to disrupt the signal. If, however, you have Bluetooth device, you can simply turn on the Bluetooth function on the CloviFi and connect your device. You will have a range of about 30 ft. (versus 150 or more with Wi-Fi).

It’s designed for one TV per CloviFi, but you can have multiple CloviFis in the same space. This means that in a home with multiple TVs or a bar or an office with multiple audio sources, you can have as many CloviFis as you need.

The discounts are available for volume purchases, please contact us with more details and we’ll make sure to take care of you. 

For more information on different packages that are available at discount, please contact us.

Some of our customers experienced problems during the initial installation of the device when they tried to connect directly to the device over WiFi. This problem was resolved. You can find details in the email that was sent to our customers here

Bluetooth headphones are great, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could somehow retrofit your comfy old wired headphones and make them work with all this newfangled wireless technology? The CloviFi device lets people use any of their old-school wired devices wirelessly, by employing something you probably already keep in your pocket — your smartphone. CloviFi is a small, rounded black box with a modern design. Based on Wi-Fi technologies, the CloviFi device offers over 10 times higher transmission speeds than Bluetooth and there is absolutely no loss of audio fidelity as the data signal travels across the Wi-Fi network. Bluetooth can only be used in close distance, around 30 feet. Bluetooth does not allow multiple connections to one audio source at the same time. Just by reading about these limitations you are probably already dissatisfied. Not only that, you are also unable to install an existing expensive, bulky, and complex Wi-Fi system in your home if you wanted to! Unlike others, CloviFi comes with simple installation guidelines, uses Wi-Fi, and has no monthly subscription fees. 

Want to listen together? Skip the Bluetooth and connect CloviFi to your Wi-Fi network so each person can listen simultaneously on their smartphone, with their favorite headphones.

The best part – the distance range of this revolutionary (Wi-Fi) Wireless Audio Transmitter is greater than Bluetooth! Connect to your home network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, and easily switch between devices in different rooms.


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CloviFi App for iOS and Android

Your phone is your source for all of your audio needs. Connect CloviFi to your TV, your stereo, or your computer. Then you can cast the audio to your iOS or Android phone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.