TV-Audio Transmission: How Technology Has Transformed Hearing

In the recent times, hearing aids have evolved from rudimentary and downright-unsightly earpieces to almost-unseen and ultra-sensitive hearing devices. A couple of years back, you can’t even listen to a transistor radio without having to deal with the long cords. Assistive listening devices are becoming more sophisticated, stylish, and better. Today, thanks to technology such as Wi-Fi, thousands of people can listen to the same audio at personalized sound level using their own headphones. 

No More Big and Ugly – Now Sleek and Stylish

The big, ugly, devices with long cords we use to call assistive listening devices are now being replaced by better-performing, sleek, stylish devices that are more cost-effective. With Wi-Fi technology, you can now watch television using your own headphone anywhere as far as the television is connected to CloviFi device. With improved technology, especially Wi-Fi, assistive listening devices have been taken to a whole new level. 

How Did Transmitting TV-Audio To Listening Devices Become Cooler?

We all have that moment when we wish we can watch our television in peace and quietness without a disturbance or that moment we see important news on Airport television but no audio. Most people feel helpless and hapless in these situations and have to manage the television just like that.

Thanks to a company like Clovitek, today, you are no more forced to listen directly to audio from television or listen to an audio-less television. We have made it possible to listen to TV audio with your own headphone without connecting cords to your television. The innovative nature of CloviFi device developed by Clovitek for this purpose means that thousands of people can listen to the same television but hear the audio at the different sound level. If a CloviFi device is attached to a television in an airport, bank, or any other place you receive service, you don’t have to watch audio-less television anymore. You only need to download CloviFi app and listen at a personalized sound level. That’s how awesome this device is.

This device came in the nick of time and has benefitted literally millions of individuals around the world almost instantaneously. Imagine listening to any television in the world with just an app and your own headphone. CloviFi device has definitely made transmitting TV-audio to assistive listening device cooler. 

Wi-Fi Excitement

The high technology breakthrough achieved by CloviFi device is made possible by the wireless capabilities of Wi-Fi technology. Wi-Fi is better and more preferred to other transmission systems such as Bluetooth and infrared; it offers longer range transmission and has more stability.

You don’t have to worry about leaving the sitting room to grab some cookies from the kitchen when you are watching television with CloviFi device; you won’t miss the audio one bit. The long ranger nature of Wi-Fi will ensure that you keep on listening even when you take few steps away from the device. Indeed, CloviFi device has changed the way we transmit TV-audio and watch television.

This sophisticated technology makes it possible to watch late night television without worrying about disturbing your partner with the TV noise; you can now watch the television in complete isolation while streaming the audio right into your ears at a personalized volume. 

Leap Into Digital Age: Better and Smaller Audio Listening Device

In today’s high-tech age, CloviFi device stands out as an improved technology that is changing the way we perceive audio. It doesn’t just allow you to watch any television in the world at a personalized audio level; it is also helping those with hearing loss problems.

The beauty of this technology is that it is cost-effective. One CloviFi device can serve thousands of audience. Come to think of it, instead of using loudspeakers when you are doing a presentation in a hall full of thousands of people, you can simply fix CloviFi device to your television and allow the audience listen with their own smartphone and headphone while watching the presentation on the same television. Cool, right?

Next time you see an audio-less television in an airport, banking hall or any other service places, ask them if they are using CloviFi and simply connect to the television with your CloviFi app. If they are not using CloviFi device, then let them know they can improve the quality of their service by installing a CloviFi device to their television.

Need to watch television in the night without disturbing your partner? Get CloviFi device, it allows you to enjoy midnight television in complete silence. You don’t need to buy any other headphone, simply fix the CloviFi device to your television and connect to the device with your CloviFi app and then use your own headphones to listen at a personalized volume.

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