Why Corporations Are using TVs and CloviFi to Promote Positive Customer Experience

Have you entered airports, banks, restaurants, and other places to see the news you will like to watch but there is no audio? These organizations are not out to torture you by showing you the videos without the audio, they simply don’t have a solution to broadcast the video without the audio interfering with their service.

Well, that’s for companies/organizations that are yet to start using CloviFi!

Wondering what CloviFi is? It is an innovative wireless TV-Audio transmitter that allows customers to listen to the audio from your video on their smartphones using an app.

Big corporations and companies that take customer service seriously are using CloviFi to broadcast audio to their customers who are waiting to receive service.

Why Big Corporations Are Using CloviFi To Stream TV Audio

TV has come a long way since its invention. Today, you can see TVs everywhere you go. They are found in our living rooms, hotels rooms, and even in service hallways. TVs are not just for information; they are also a source of entertainment.

If your business caters to crowds or people have to wait for lengthy periods of time to receive services, chances are you’ve got a TV in your place of business for the reasons listed above. TVs in the workplace are for the comfort of your customers.

But there is a problem!

To completely enjoy Television or for TVs to serve their full purpose, they need to have audio. People need to hear what is happening in the video. Unfortunately, most businesses cannot afford to increase the audio of their TV to avoid interrupting with the service going on or making the place of business rowdy.

Without the audio, TV becomes boring, uninteresting, and lost their purpose. Most big companies have discovered this and the only workaround is the one provided by CloviFi. 

CloviFi allows all your customers to listen to the audio of the TV in the service hallway through the app. They can hear the news or whatever is going on the television once they have CloviFi app. This is a great way to make customers happy while ensuring that there is no interruptions or noise from your TV. 

How Does CloviFi Work?

CloviFi works in a very simple way. You can start using it to promote positive customer experience in just 4 steps:

  1. Connect the CloviFi device to TV
  2. Connect CloviFi to Wi-Fi
  3. Customer Downloads the CloviFi app
  4. Customer choose the available TV in the app and start listening

CloviFi ensures that you no longer torture your customers by showing them videos without them hearing it. Big organizations are already leveraging on CloviFi to promote positive customer experience.

CloviFi is very affordable. One device can serve all your customers. You simply need to connect it to your TV and anyone with the app can listen to the audio of your TV. It is that simple.

CloviFi is very affordable and does not involve any technical knowledge for installation. You can start using CloviFi in less than 3 minutes after your order has arrived. 

Why Choose CloviFi?

  • CloviFi comes with so many admirable features such as:
  • Real-time audio streaming
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Personalized volume control
  • Multiple users


How Can I Get CloviFi Device?

If you need CloviFi to promote positive customer experiences in your company, you can order it today from Clovitek at early-bird prices. Click on the link below to get it now before the price goes up. 

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